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How To Get More Leads Automatically Booked Into Your Calendar Every Week From People With The Money AND Motivation To Become A Paying Client

Without having to constantly post on Social Media, and Without having to constantly chase people, begging them to become clients...


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Sell One to Many

Instead of trying to just sell one to one, learn how you can present to many people at once so you get far better leverage.

Lead Automation

Learn how to Automate the Lead Generation and Nurturing so that you can just spend time with serious people who want to become a paid client, instead of constantly having to talk to the wrong kind of people who are never going to become clients.

Get More Booked Calls

The only way your leads are going to become clients of your high ticket offer is by getting them booked onto a phone or zoom call. With our formula - you will only get highly qualified leads. And by implementing our High Ticket, Stress Free Sales method, you will be able to effortlessly enrol more clients without having to be too salesy!


Your Presenter

Chris Rowell

Chris is an International Speaker (seen here in New Zealand) Coach and Online Marketing Expert. He has taught many thousands of people how to start or grow a business online.

In this Presentation, he will be showing you a simple formula that you can follow to start getting more Highly Qualified Coaching Clients for your business!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to set up the marketing for your coaching, training or consulting business

  • How to create a mini-presentation that you record just once that will do all the heavy lifting for you

  • How to move from just a one-to-one business model to a one-to-many - Make more money in less time

  • What tools and software you need to Fully Automate Everything without costing a fortune

  • How to Sell without being too "Salesy" and enrol more paying clients into your business

  • And so much more...

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